News front page news sports business lifestyles opinion a&e all sections front page news sports business lifestyles opinion a&e home > featured articles prostate surgery found unnecessary too often may 27, 1988 | by jon van, science writer. Doctors shouldn`t recommend prostate surgery for patients who have only mild or moderate symptoms, a study in friday`s journal of the american medical association suggests. Surgery to remove an enlarged but noncancerous prostate gland is the most common operation that urologists do, but the criteria for doing this surgery often are vague, and doctors may do surgery that isn`t necessary, the study suggests. In a analysis of urology patients in maine that was sponsored by the maine medical association, researchers found prostate surgery rates varied widely by locality, evidently because of differing philosophies among individual physicians on the procedure`s value. buy viagra no prescription uk dui attorney arizona Researchers from the university of massachusetts, massachusetts general hospital and dartmouth medical school attributed differing prostate surgery rates to ``lack of information concerning the risks and benefits of the proc. Welcome

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